February 20, 2017
Last week we had our first Corona Renderer course here at Academy.

Last week we had our first Corona Renderer course here at Academy.

It was a really important experience for us because we had the chance to be with guys from all the world who worked and studied on Corona Renderer engine starting from its bases. They tested all software’s features and learned how to optimize parameters in order to make the calculation time more effiecient.

The course was meant as a workshop in which the guys could apply on a simple scene the concepts taught in the theoretical classes to create their own images. The outcomes, which we are proud to publish in the gallery below, are the results of this week. We are sure that Corona Renderer will be a valid asset in their production and we are looking forward to seeing the new artworks that the guys will create with this rendering engine.

We also take the opportunity to let you know that we have opened the registrations to a new Corona Renderer course which will be from July 24 to 28, 2017. To attend it, fill our online form and we’ll contact for further details.


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