September 7, 2020
With the latest update of 3ds Max 2021 update 2, a lot of new features have been released and there are some interesting improvements that can enhance our production pipeline.

In this article, the first of a short series, we’ll take a quick look at the new selection methods when working with an Editable Poly or Edit Poly geometry.

First of all, make sure your geometry is an Editable Poly, or there’s an Edit Poly modifier on top of the modifier stack. These new selection methods will work the same for Vertices, Edges and Polygons (Faces). Let’s take a look.

Select LOOP

The selection of a loop was previously done with SHIFT and by selecting an adjacent element (in case of polygons). Now the selection of a loop, or in case of edges the ring, is done CTRL + 2x Left Click on an adjacent component. As you can see from the video below, for vertices and polygons it selects the entire loop, and in case of edges it selects the entire ring.


Similar to the previous example, with CTRL + 2x Left Click we can select a loop in a range, by selecting the first element and double clicking on the last one.


In the same way we select a loop or a loop in range, with ALT + 2x Left Click we can deselect an entire loop on a range of elements.

In previous versions of 3ds Max some of these selections were available by using SHIFT + 2x Left Click, for example the Select Loop.

Keep tuned for the next article on the Smart Extrude feature of 3ds Max 2021.2!

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