July 1, 2021
SOA Academy offers a range of certifications for the software standards in the Industry.

In years we worked a lot with the software houses to understand their technology and tools by providing active feedback on how to improve them.

These collaborations have also been influencing our training offer as being a specialist on software means delivering the most up-to-date content to our students, who can now show proof of their learning experience thanks to certifications directly provided by the software houses. Our students become certified as professionals since in our training at SOA Academy we always follow the software houses guidelines, and more than that, we show them examples and case studies coming from a real production environment.

Being certified after a course is very important because nowadays Companies are looking for Artists with a deep understanding of the tools. In a complex ArchViz pipeline, it is essential to count on professional users because when troubles happen, these are the perfect people you can rely on in your team.

Our certifications are a great added value that SOA offers to all students. We’re an authorized center by Chaos Group (for both V-Ray and Corona Renderer), iTooSoftware, Substance, Autodesk and Unreal Engine, who recognised the hard work made in terms of research and development in our daily routine over the years.

Being an SOA Academy student projects you in the future and makes you qualified and ready for your career in Architectural Visualization.

Join our next Masterclasses and enrich your curriculum with new qualifications!

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