December 14, 2018
Among the most awaited guests at the AcademyDays#9, there was Teddy Bergsman, founder and CEO of Quixel, who have been interviewed by our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman.

On October 12th – 13th SoA Academy presented the ninth  edition of the AcademyDays.

In the interview Teddy presents his company who has recently increased the number of employees in the team from 10 to 100 thanks to the wider use of Megascans in the world.

Megascans: what is it about?

If you don’t know it yet, it’s time to start approaching Megascans, the largest scan library in the world. The team is in fact always travelling in some expedition in the 5 continents to scan rocks, tiles, bricks and much more. In the last years, thanks to the introduction of “machine learning”, Quixel could be able to analyse the needs of the users browsing the website and plan the team’s trips to fill the holes in the library.

Megascans’ library includes a database which is always growing and thanks to Quixel Bridge, the users can easily export the assets in any external application. Another tool that they offer is the Quixel Mixer that let people design materials based on simple layers.

In the interview Teddy highlights some news that are going to interest the ArchViz and that will hugely help the Artists in our industry. 

Following the link below, you can see all new functions available for Megascans’ current and future users.

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