October 18, 2012
The AcademyDay#3 is a very special moment for all of us here at State of Art as organisers and as artists.

The AcademyDay#3 is a very special moment for all of us here at State of Art as organisers and as artists.

It requires 6 month to be setup properly and at the end it’s worth it every single moments. We will remember this edition for many reasons: the number of speakers were higher than the past edition and in terms of contents we tried to show to the attendants different approaches to make fantastic arch-viz images: from the pure 3d to matte painting, passing through the realtime.

We were really proud to host artists as Alfa “Pixela” Smyrna, Adam Hotovy from Vyonyx, Tomek Miksa, Peter Guthrie and Ronen Bekerman: they give us inspirations to improve every day our work and the vision how things should be done and the attitude to be a complete artist in the Industry.

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Our big thanks is for all the attendants: this year the Academy Day #3 have hosted 110 artists coming from all over the world. The country represented were: Italy, England, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Croatia, Ireland, Belgium, Swiss, Austria, Isreal, Turkey, Greece, Abu Dhabi.

As Gianpiero said during his speach at the beginning of the event, the Academy Day exists because the artists and the companies every year invest the time and resources to attend it. For us it’s a great responsability but we work hard to make the event even better every year. During the last edition we collected some feedbacks and because your opinion is really important we will take all the suggestions you gave us to improve the Academy Day.

We also had the chance to meet finally in person lot of artists that we usually know just on the social networks or forums. That’s something that makes the event really special. We think that internet is a really great resource but at least once a year artists should meet each other to share, have great fun and enjoy a wonderful location as the move hotel and the closest city of Venice.

This year we also had the chance to have as partners Chaosgroup V-Ray, Lumion and Wacom and we think that with their support the event can be improved in terms of contents in the future editions.

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Lot of people ask us the reason why we organise this event. Our reply is pretty simply: because as artists we need events like the Academy Day! It’s the only way to make a very strong community with real relationships; also we’re proud to provide a  nice experience for  the attendants. When we see people happy around us that’s worth every single effort. In a few days we will be able to settle the date for the Academy Day #4 to give you the chance to save the date on your calendar and book a cheaper flight to join us. We’re just waiting for some replies from the next speakers and we hope to surprise you in some ways!

We’d also say thanks to the people who had chance to write some nice words about the event and we’re really happy to share their pages:
Ronen Bekerman forum: https://www.ronenbekerman.com/state-of-art-academy-day-3/
Alfa Pixela Smyrna blog: https://pixela-3d.com/blog/state-of-art-academy-day-3
The Neighbourhood https://www.the-neighbourhood.com/feed/state-of-art-academy-3?fb_source=ticker&fb_action_ids=4735190895671&fb_action_types=og.likes

UNIFORM: https://www.uniform.net/thinking-archive/cg-love-is-in-the-air/

Thanks to all the guys who sent us the photos they took during the days spent with us and we’ll be delighted to show them on this website and on our tumblr blog.
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If you want to keep in touch with the Academy and its tutors please follow us on the social networks clicking the links on the right in this page. Have fun, enjoy your work everyday and we hope to see you next year at the AcademyDay#4!!

The Academy Team

images by: State of Art,  David Connolly, Patric Verstraete, Luca Catino, Biglolly.

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