October 19, 2016
A little over a week has passed since the AcademyDay#7 and we would like to present a shor recap pf what we have seen at the event.

A little over a week has passed since the AcademyDay#7 and I would like to share with you some thoughts that came into my mind while reading your wonderful comments we received in these days.

It’s a fact that the AcademyDay is the most felt event within our industry as professionals and companies wait for this time to meet and share their experiences, build networks and have a look at the future of our work in a setting worthy of our profession. This makes us really proud and as I always say, if the AcademyDay exists, it is thanks to all the artists and companies that every year participate with great interest.

Reshaping ArchViz was the theme of this year and through the topics presented in the lectures, we could show what was the vision that stood behind this choice: our industry is changing and the limit between what we call ArchViz and the Digital Environment (most common in the vfx world and games) is always less marked than a few years ago. Clients who require our intervention to promote new architectural projects are always looking for a more realistic visual quality and that leads us to look at the vfx world as a benchmark to get that kind of result. Clients are also asking for more and more interactive products. The passive viewing of images and videos, although will always be part of our marketing activities, will have to be necessarily integrated with VR / AR. This necessarily leads us to look at the world of games.

At the end, what we could experiment and experience first-hand is that these new demands require a revision of our way of working and thus, we have to include new tools and methods of work within our pipelines. We know very well that this involves investments in terms of hardware, software and know-how, but this is the future that awaits us. If we want to be prepared to satisfy these requests, it is important to start thinking from now on how to face them. Technologies are constantly evolving and this is why I love this job: we can always work on new things and give our contribution to make them better and more useful for the goals that our industry wants to achieve. All this is a priceless privilege.

Our team had really beautiful and busy days; we would like to post here a gallery that shows the real essence of this two days seen through the eyes of those who participated at the AcademyDay. I would also like to thank all those who decided to face long trips to be with us. That makes us even more proud and give us a huge responsibility that makes us start working now on the 2017 edition. The AcademyDay#8 will be full of surprises and contents, alway in a spirit of professionalism and entertainment at the same time. Meanwhile, in the next few days we will publish all interviews registered with our fantastic speakers during the AcademyDay#7 by our media partner Ronen Bekerman. >Do not miss them!

With this in mind, I wish you a year full of innovation and discoveries because the future looks very exciting at the horizon. If you want to know how all this will evolve, we look forward to welcoming you again next year to celebrate our industry.

A hug,


PS: Thanks to David, Simon, Matthias and Lewis for the photos.

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