October 7th – 8th, 2016 – Italy. Lectures on the Architectural Visualization, photography and CG. Ready to go on fire?

SoA Academy is organising the 7th edition of the Academy Day: a two-day workshop for professionals and passionate architectural visualisation artists. By combining the knowledge and expertise of international and renowned Artists, the Academy Day is meant to let people in the Arch-Viz world meet and share their esperiences on recently completed projects.

The leading thread of this year AcademyDay is the “Future” and in particular the way in which we can reshape it.

The Academy Day is the right place where you can exchange views and learn from the best Artists how they’re growing to always keep up with technologies’ big changes.

During the 2 days, speakers will hold workshops and interactive tutorials to highlight the latest techniques in the Architectural Visualisation field and share their secrets to achieve effective and impressive results.


We would like to give a special thanks to our sponsor for the AcademyDay #7. Thanks to their participation we will have the opportunity to learn more of these powerful softwares used by great artists during specific lectures. The AcademyDay#7 is covered by our media partner Ronen Bekerman. So be ready for news and interviews which will be pusblished after the event.




Factory Fifteen

Paul Nicholls lives and works in London. He trained in architecture At Oxford Brookes andThe Bartlett UCL.  He has worked for Architecture studios like Glenn Howels, Moxon Architects and Allies & Morrison. In 2011 Paul co-founded the film and design studio Factory Fifteen with Jonathan Gales and Kibwe Tavares and is actively involved in all creative aspects of the company. Paul has directed projects that range from VFX heavy music videos, live action short films, proof on concept TV series, web based interactive films and ambitious architectural animations, winning several awards along the way.



Tomorrow AB

Andreas Landgren has a background as an industrial designer, he also holds a bachelor´s degree in engineering and visual communication. In 2006 Andreas was one of three founders of Tomorrow. During the last decade Andreas has used his creative energy to enable a multitude of large scale projects around the world. Tomorrow is a Swedish award winning visualization studio that works with architects worldwide to create unique experiences and enable future projects.
Tomorrow works with visual communication and concept development to create successful projects. Tomorrow consists of artists, architects, designers, dreamers, innovators and thinkers.



At the beginning, he worked as a graphic designer. While studying architecture, he involved himself in 3D visualisation. Thanks to that he managed to combine his interest in graphics and architecture. It has become his passion and an incentive to constantly develop his 3D skills. He started to work in visualisations in 2014. From that time, he has worked for Motive, Meedo, Tomorrow.




Marc Goodwin is an architectural photographer, writer and teacher. He was born in London and has since lived in Spain, Finland, France and the United States. He currently divides his time between London and the Nordics. His photos have been published in five books commissioned by architects as well as a city guide to Barcelona. He has participated as a photographer in several publications, among them Archdaily, Wallpaper, Domus, JA+U, The Finnish Architectural Review, Sveriges Arkitekter, AD, Mas Context, Wall St Journal, Dezeen, Dwell and Detail.  Marc is soon to publish his doctoral thesis Architecture’s Discursive Space: Photography. Marc is represented by Arcaid (London) and has been represented in the past by Bamboo (Barcelona) and Blob (Milan).




Thomas Vournazos is the founder and Art Director of Slashcube. He took his Diploma in Architecture in 2008. As a student, he got immediately stuck with 3d Visualisation and visualizing architecture with a different medium, along with hand sketches and scale models. Being inspired by traditional art and photography, he saw a filed where he could easily feel comfortable expressing himself and evolving his skills as an artist and his personality too. Since 2008, he has been working as a freelance Visualization artist with different studios, working on different scales.

In 2012, he moved to Zurich and in 2013 Slashcube was founded. Main focus in Slashcube is to create images for people that want to create and imagine architecture for a different scope. Passionate for new challenges and limits, the team pushes designers and architects to take that extra step in visualizing their work, with a more creative approach.



Double Negative

Tim has been working in the visual effects industry for the past 25 years and has worked on 30 feature films, multiple television series, and a plethora of commercials,music videos, and interactive media. His concentrations are environment work, and creature lighting. He also concentrates on texturing,lighting and look development in multiple production pipelines, packages and renderers. Many of the projects he has to worked on over the years have either been nominated or won multiple times in the Oscar, Emmy and Advertising award categories. The last 6 years Tim has been using Vray to achieve photoreal environments for television and film while working to speed up the production pipeline in Maya using Vray and it’s real time rendering power.



IToo Software

Itoo Software, founded in 1999 in Spain, is a 3D software developing company, and creators of Forest Pack and Rail Clone, plugins for Autodesk® 3DS Max® and 3DS Max Design®. Our main objective is customers´ satisfaction with our product, providing a high quality software and personalized support.



Render Legion

Adam is partner and CEO at Render Legion – the creator of Corona Renderer. Prior joining Ondrej and starting Render Legion together, Adam was working as an architectural visualiser for well-known studios like Vyonyx, AsymmetricA and VIZE and was recognised for his artistic approach in ArchViz.



The Boundary

Henry studied at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff, graduating with a first class BSc (Hons) Degree in 2005. He continued his studies in Cardiff and was awarded Distinction in his Diploma of Architecture and later went on to win the Young European Architect of the Year Award by the Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF) in 2009.  Henry qualified as an architect in 2008 and became a chartered member of the RIBA the same year. Following seven years of experience in the Architectural profession at practices including Foster & Partners, John Pardey Architects, Collins and Turner and Rick Mather Architects, Henry established Henry Goss Architects in 2011 and is a co-founder of The Boundary established in 2014.


Gamma Basra

Foster + Partners & Chaos Group

Gamma Basra is Head of Visualisation at Foster + Partners. He joined the practice’s Hong Kong office in 1992 to work on the new Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok. He relocated to London in 1994 and worked as CAD coordinator and 3D visualiser for the Al Faisaliah complex in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In 1997, he established a dedicated visualisation team, positioning the practice at the forefront of developing new technology. Today, the team’s work embraces everything from a quick mock-up of a scheme in context, to films and complex, photo-realistic images that give an accurate impression of materials, textures, light and views.


Panos Ioannou

Foster + Partners & Chaos Group

Panos Ioannou is an associate partner at Foster + Partners. He studied 3D Computer Animation at the University of Teesside graduating with honours in 2006. He went on to join Framestore, receiving training in Tracking working on templates from Harry Potter. Here he gained vital experience in the production process and how a large VFX company is structured. In 2007 Panos joined Foster+Partners as a visualisation artist. He was promoted to lead artist after 3 years and became an associate in 2010 and associate partner in 2015. As the visualisation team grew his role transitioned to head of production.


Nicolas Wirrmann


Nicolas Wirrmann has been a Substance specialist since its very beginning (at Allegorithmic since 2005). He is a highly technical artist with a drive to constantly innovate, like he has done with Substance Designer; a product that he has managed for several years.


Teddy Bergsman


Teddy is the founder and CEO of Quixel, creator of Megascans, the world’s largest library of physically based scans. Having played an active role in the CG industry for over a decade, he has developed a range of groundbreaking scan based tools for artists, significantly impacting modern computer graphics production. Teddy was recently responsible for inventing the scanning and processing technologies behind the vegetation scans used for Disney’s The Jungle Book, and is passionate about developing user friendly and artistic production tools for photorealistic computer graphics.

Media Partner

Ronen Bekerman

With more than 15 years of professional experience in the Architectural Visualization Industry Ronen is currently heading Polytown Media providing visualization solutions and training for architects and designers looking to better thier skills at visualizing their designs, founded and running the popular ArchVIZ Blog at since 2009 and is a co-founder of The Craft established in 2015.


Gianpiero Monopoli

SOA Academy

The passion for architecture and computer graphics took Gianpiero to look for new ways to represent through images designers and archtects’ ideas. After some work experiences in Italy, in 2007 he started working as Project Lead Artist for the well-known English Studio Hayes Davidson. There, he created images for Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Kohn Pedersen Fox, John Pawson, David Chipperfield, Hamiltons Architects and West8. In 2009, together with Roberto and Manuela, he set up State of Art and became Managing Director.


Roberto De Rose

SOA Academy

Roberto’s passion for graphics shaped his personal education and led him to become Web Designer and then 3D Artist. In his work experience, he moved on working in the Computer Graphics for Architecture. Together with Gianpiero and Manuela, in 2009 he set up State of Art. Roberto is now working at State of Art Academy as a teachers specialized in the use of Adobe Photoshop, which recognized him as a certified expert.

Schedule is currently under development. The time table could change anytime before the event.


9.00 – 10.00


10.00 – 11.00


Films & ArchViz

Paul will talk about the rule of architecture in movie making. Nowadays, the role of Computer Graphics and ArchViz in movie production is increasing. We’ll see how a company like Factory15 moves to get the best outcomes.

11.00 – 12.00


Reshaping ArchViz

It will be interesting have a look with Andreas how Tomorrow company is working to reshape the ArchViz. As a company working in the field since many years, they faced all problems deriving from the changes of software and development of new ones. We will see the way in which they work to push their outcomes to higher levels. (Part #1)

12.00 – 13.00

Allegorithmic – NICOLAS WIRRMANN

PBR Shaders, Substance Painter & Substance Designer

Nicolas will talk about PBR to create shaders. This technology, developed by Disney, is essential to create shaders that work correctly with all types of lightings (with both a daylight and a night light). Thanks to the softwares called Substance Painter and Substance Designer  developed by Allegorithmic , Nicolas will present how to apply the PBR Technology to an ArchViz pipeline.

13.00 – 14.30


14.30 – 15.30



Radek will talk about photogrammetry and in particular on the environment and vegetation in his Archipelago House. Thanks to the use of specific softwares available on the market like Agisoft Photoscan, it is possible to create really photorealistic vegetation. He will explain us how he created the trees and the ground in such a realistic way.

Radek will talk about 3D vegetation and in particular, his focus will go on Exlevel Growfx. In his lecture, he will reveal all the secrets to get the best 3D vegetation thanks to this essential plugin.

15.30 – 16.30


ArchViz Photography

Being an architectural photographer, Marc will show what stands behind a good shot. An interesting image doesn’t only depend on good technical skills. In the lecture, Marc will talk about the relation between 3D and photography and will tell you what passes in a photographer’s mind while shooting. To better describe it, Marc will use the photos taken to the Black Timber house as a case study.

16.30 – 17.00


17.00 – 18.00


Behind the screen

The visualisation team from Foster + Partners will present a wide range of case studies, showing how visualisation tools such as Maya with Vray are used to create high-quality images and films for the practice. This will include unprecedented behind-the-scenes insights into how the team integrates with the wider practice, bringing cutting edge VFX techniques to produce work that transcends the traditional boundaries of an in-house Archviz studio.

18.00 – 19.00

Itoo Software – Paul Roberts

You can’t see the Forest (Pack) for the trees

The name ‘Forest Pack’ may conjure up an image of vegetation, but this plugin has limitless applications besides plants and trees. In this presentation, the iToo team goes beyond the scattering tool’s obvious uses and techniques to show its boundless versatility in VFX, VR, real-time and architectural visualisation.


9.00 – 9.30


9.30 – 10.30



Details coming soon.

10.30 – 11.30


VR in ArchViz

VR is gradually taking over as an important instrument also for ArchViz. But, what are the best software to work with VR? In The Boundary’s lecture, they will give you information on the best way to create contents for the Virtual Reality: softwares to use and tricks to apply. Through a series of case studies and examples, they will show you how to correctly work with VR.

The image in the showreel were made by The Boundary and represent 70 Vestry.

11.30 – 12.00


12.00 – 13.00


Stories made of pixels

Working for a story is essential. From writers to artists, story holds all things together. Especially when the only thing between the artist and the viewer, is just one image. How can we create such stories? How can we direct and push the viewer to sense, to feel and to get emotional with an image? From a rough idea to a developed image, digital pixels compose real stories.

13.00 – 14.30


14.30 – 15.30


Reshaping ArchViz

It will be interesting have a look with Andreas how Tomorrow company is working to reshape the ArchViz. As a company working in the field since many years, they faced all problems deriving from the changes of software and development of new ones. We will see the way in which they work to push their outcomes to higher levels. (Part #2)

15.30 – 16.30


ArchViz in Hollywood

Tim is a Senior Lighting and Look Development Director and thus the person in charge to decide whether  lighting and look in a movie give enough photorealism. ArchViz and 3D graphics are highly present in movies like Tomorrowland, Game of Thrones, Gotham and The Walk, in which Tim worked. In his talk, he will give an explanation on how to use V-Ray RT, Mari and Maya to achieve the best results.

16.30 – 17.00


  • Owl for the Bank of Moscow by Alexander Zhdanov

  • Polstrin design Niobé by Jan Kudelasek

  • BMW M3 by Onur Dursun

17.00 – 18.00


Future of Corona

Adam will be talking about development plans and future of the Corona Renderer. His talk will include topics related to 3ds max & Cinema 4D plugins, recently announced VR app, cg community, warez and a summary of the first year in business with the commercial version of Corona Renderer.


Double Tree by Hilton hotel Venice – North ****

The AcademyDay #7 will be hosted in the conference hall at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Venice – North in Mogliano Veneto, which is situated 15 minutes from Venice – Mestre.
The conference hall is equipped with 6 HD projectors, free wi-fi connection (after registration), tables and power supply for your laptop.

Single room – € 101.00/day w/Breakfast
Double room – € 117.00/day w/Breakfast

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Venice – North

Update on September 07th, 2016: The Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Venice-North doesn’t have any room available for the nights on October 6th and 7th, 2016.
Please, contact one of the hotels listed below.

Other places where you can stay close to the  AcademyDay #7 Venue. When booking, remember to tell them you’re attending the AcademyDay #7 to get the special price.

Agriturismo LA RONDINE

The Country House La Rondine is located in the marvelous hills of Valdobbiadene, a true slice of paradise surrounded by the famous prosecco vineyards. It is a magical place where you can enjoy the pleasures of a quiet life and the warm and friendly atmosphere, wandering through magnificent natural settings or relaxing and enjoying our traditional cuisine, perfectly matched with special wines from our own winery.
Single room – 40.00 €/day + Breakfast
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Villa Braida is set in an aristocratic Venetian manor in Mogliano Veneto, city of art, ideal for holidays and meetings. The hotel is also near to Venice and Treviso. Villa Braida offers a stay in the quiet Venetian countryside. The premises feature spacious traditional Venetian interiors, with exclusive Italian Renaissance furniture and upholstery. Suites and superior rooms are situated in the main building, overlooking the paddock and recalling ancient atmospheres. Enjoy a really exclusive stay amongst Renaissance style fabrics. Villa Braida also offers modern accommodation in the annex building.
Prices in the annex building
Single room – 70.00 €/day + Breakfast
Double room – 90.00 €/day + Breakfast


The hotel is welcoming with really comfort-able, light, modern rooms which are all furnished with style, elegance and warm wooden floors.. You will be provided with a rich, varied buffet for an Italian breakfast with tea tasting, herbal drinks and a first class coffee.
Single room – 40.00 €/day + Breakfast
Double room – 65.00 €/day + Breakfast
Triple room – 75.00 €/day + Breakfast
Apartment (max 4 persons) – €45.00 to 95.00 €/day + Breakfast


The splendid Hotel Floris, located in the historic centre of the famous art city, Mogliano Veneto, offers quality hospitality in a charming setting, with spacious rooms furnished with refined elegance to provide its guests with a totally relaxing stay.
Single room – from 54.00 to 65.00 €/day + Breakfast
Double room – from 65.00 to 80.00 €/day + Breakfast
Triple room – from 85.00 to 110..00 €/day + Breakfast
Apartment (max 4 persons) – €95.00 to 130.00 €/day + Breakfast



Event duration: 2 days
Attendees: professionals, CG lovers and artists in the Architectural Visualization field.
Dates:  October 7 – 8, 2016.
Seats available:  240 seats.
Timetable:  09.00 am / 1.00 pm – 2.30 pm/ 6.00 pm.

Location:  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Venice – North, Mogliano Veneto, TV – Italy.
Price:  € 229 if you book your seat before August 31st, 2016 (Early-Bird Fee) – € 249 if you book your seat after September 1st, 2016 (Normal Fee).

The registration Fee includes: attendance for the 2 days conference, 2 light lunches, the AcademyDay#7 gadgets (1 T-shirt, 1 block notes, 1 pen, 1 bag).

Prizes: Coming soon.

Accomodation not included.



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