October 10, 2017
The AcademyDay#8 has just finished. Let’s recap together the most important part of the event.

Everything started back in March 2011. We were 50 people, almost all Italians with a big desire: to gather a community. Last weekend we were 270 people from 30 different countries: we were there because we feel to be part of an extraordinary world.

The AcademyDay was born with the aim to bring our industry together in one place at least once a year because I find it difficult to accept that people can only meet online. Creating human relationships, shaking hands, looking at each others and sharing our passions, successes, failures and dissatisfactions with people that can understand you convey important feelings that will stuck in your mind once you experience them. To meet up and stay together: in these years we have always been working and have dedicated our lives to the ArchViz to share knowledge and put our vision at the service of artists and companies that are part of it.
We also think that diversity, as a general term, is an important value and thanks to the respect for people and ideas, our industry can flourish healthily. We will go on this way to chase the ideas we have in mind and we’ll keep the doors open to everybody who wants to collaborate with suggestions and advice to make our Industry a better place. We’ll remember this eighth edition also for the number of changes we has such as the workshop on Substance Designer, the VR Room, Chaos Group’s party and the AAA. All this was possible thanks to our sponsors Chaos Group, Render Legion, iToo Software, Allegorithmic, Unreal Engine, SiNi and Axyz but also thanks to you, the attendees of the AcademyDay.

Our intent is to improve every year with new contents because we think that they add further material and fun to the event. We put our heart, our goodwill and our best intentions but also a lot of work and dedication and we’ll continue to do it also in the next years. It was an honor to show you our idea of future and how the present is shaping extraordinary artists and exciting technologies to discover and explore. Will machine ever be able to take over humans? I still haven’t found an answer but I’m sure that machines will never be able to share the same vibes and feelings I felt during this two-day AcademyDay.

For these reasons, I’d like to thank you all who attended the AcademyDay#8 because each of the persons involved gave me the awareness, will and support to keep moving forward. We’ll keep going because you deserve it and it will be a pleasure to meet you again next year.

See you at AcademyDay#9

A big hug

Gianpiero Peo Monopoli

ps: Share with us your experience at the AcademyDay#8 on socials! We’ve just launched a new hashtag #ad8recap. If you have photos taken at the event and you’d like to see them published on our website, please send them at info at stateofartacademy.com.


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