November 8, 2018
It’s been a little more than a week since the AcademyDays#9 but the echo of your voices and your smiles is still present in my head.

It was a challenging edition for all of us, but we tried to change the event towards what is our vision for the future. This edition has been rich in contents and activities. All together we had the chance to discuss about our industry, kissed by a spring sun. So springtime that so many ended up in the pool!

It was the record edition: more than 260 participants with almost 40 speakers and staff made AcademyDays#9 the most crowded edition of all and we regret not being able to host all the people who didn’t manage to buy a ticket on time. Given the success and with your support and the one of our sponsors, we are already thinking of something bigger for the next year: also because it will be the tenth edition and we want it to be memorable!

Back to the Future of ArchViz was an important theme for me: my hope is that, given the easiness of today’s software, we don’t flatten ourselves on a standard quality that too many can achieve. I wish there will be a continuous personal artistic growth a cultural and artistic knowledge projected towards the creation of images, animations or virtual reality with the idea of ​​surprise and get surprised. Get out of the standards; get out of your comfort zone and experiment: give life to something never seen before. This is the privilege granted to us by simpler software. Only in this way can we grow; only in this way will we be able to make the difference.

It was a privilege.
A big hug.

I leave you with some photos taken during the event by Claudia Sajeva who I thank on behalf of all SoA team. I hope that they will recall to your mind that good time spent together and that I am sure we will relive again next year.



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