November 13, 2019
Another inspiring interview from the AcademyDaysX was with Rodrigo Lopez and Carlos Cristerna from Neoscape.

Our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman met them and had the chance to know more about their personal experience and their work done at Neoscape.

Rodrigo tells us that after his studies in architecture, he soon realized that he had a strong passion towards the visual medium as a way to use architecture to communicate something bigger and to storytelling. So he started his journey at Neoscape, where he’s been working for the past 17 years and now is Chief Creative Officer.

Carlos has been working in the company for 13 years. He moved from Mexico to the US and after some work in Washington DC, he joined Neoscape in Boston.

Like it happens in almost all companies, they have been through ups and downs but the passion for their work is what makes them happy to be part of a strong reality as Neoscape. And as Rodrigo says, every challenge is an opportunity, so one has to be optimistic and ready to go through all bad but also good times.

They close their interview by outlining what they think a new member of the team should have to start working with them. According to Carlos, work ethic and critical thinking are more important than talent. Because the value doesn’t stand in the image itself but on the effort behind it so people should put first hard work and a strong passion for what they do. According to Rodrigo, new Artists should be smarter and curious: they have to question as this gives everybody the right motivation to go on.

But now let’s leave space to the main characters here and watch the interview. 

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