November 22, 2019
In this interview Ronen Bekerman ,our ADX Media Partner, had a chat with Daniel Flood, managing Director at Floodslicer in Australia.

Daniel tells us how he has always considered more interesting the creative environment related to creation of ArchViz contents rather than the plain architectural plan design. In fact, since his first years in the ArchViz, Daniel appreciated “building other people’s vision” rather than “building the reality”.

As a veteran of the industry, he points out that the biggest technological changes happened when computers spread to decrease in most recent years (although there are constant improvement and effectiveness of machines). According to him, the key point is the ability to create narratives as humans have the role to keep control of the creative process, where automation takes second place.

Daniel describes also how the work at Floodslicer is organized as specialization plays an importart role in the production process. Daniel himself and his two partners are specialized on particular activities in the productive process at Floodslicer. Anyway the company priority is always given to the design, that is the creation of interesting contents rather than to the mere technical side. According to Daniel, the longevity of a career is indeed much more determined by the first factor.

Watch the interview below and learn more about it.

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