October 24, 2019
AcademyDays#X: an extraordinary event that we’ll present through a series of interviews. Here the first one with Ken Pimentel from Epic Games.

Not only AcademyDaysX celebrated the 10th anniversary of SOA but also brought to the stage Artists and Experts that over the years have changed (and still are changing) the Architectural Visualization world.

In this interview our Media Partner Ronen Bekerman met Ken Pimentel, Business Development Manager AEC at Epic Games, main sponsor of the event.

Ken, keynote speaker at ADX, tells us the reason why the Company decided to acquire Twinmotion based on Unreal, which with an easier interface allow the people who never could have imagined themselves telling a story with 3d graphics approach this Virtual Reality. As a matter of fact, the software, currently free, was downloaded more than 220,000 times, which shows the good reception from the community.

What is Twinmotion?

It’s a software to create realtime immersive contents in ArchViz.In fact it will let you make high-quality images, animation and VR walkthrough for architecture, construction, urban planning and landscaping. If you haven’t bumped into it yet, go find out more on Twinmotion website.
And if Twinmotion isn’t enough for you, remember: there’s always Unreal Engine to take your project to another level. Book your seat in SOA next Masterclass scheduled from March 30th to April 10th, 2020.

Then Ken also tell us how his journey in the realtime world started till his arrival in Epic Games. Around mid-November there will be further news and announcements about Datasmith and Twinmotion, so keep following us to be always updated.
In the meantime, enjoy Ken’s interview.

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