November 27, 2019
In this interview we meet Lewis Quinn from Grain, who started his career in the field around 20 years ago when he decided that he wanted to celebrate the vision of other architects through Architectural Visualization.

After 16 years at Hayes Davidson, the decision to establish his own company, Grain.

The possibility to work with physical materials, which can be analyzed directly in the studio, plays an essential role in the Studio. This is the reason why half of the team actively work on physical models whereas the other half work on the digital version (with developers in Unreal and Unity and CG Artists).

Lewis tells us the reason why at Grain they don’t use VR headsets but they prefer creating a whole room to allow multiple user experience with the scene. All this through touch screens and big media walls. The interview finishes with an overview of Grain’s team and the characteristics that a new Artist should have to join them: the main ones being enthusiasm and passion for their work.

Enjoy the video!

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