October 21, 2019

ADX is over and for all of us here at SoA, it was one of the best AcademyDays ever:

More even, being the 10th anniversary of the event, and having the highest number of participants ever, with dedicated ArchViz professionals coming from 38 countries and five continents, who contributed to making this anniversary a memorable one.

The speakers on stage and in the workshops brought their experience which was faithfully reflected in their presentations and lectures, and in some cases took long journeys to share their knowledge with the community. For all of them I feel a great sense of respect and gratitude for sharing with us 3 days of inspiration, technology and look at the future.

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10 years of AcademyDays were possible thanks to the great dedication of the SOA team: starting from Manuela, our Event Director, who has taken care of the organization over the years regarding the location, the memorable pizza nights, this year’s fantastic party and a thousand other things;
Denise, our Event Coordinator, responsible for logistics, relations with speakers and attendants, bookings and much more;
Roberto, a great travelling companion and SoA partner along with Manuela, who over the years has overseen the graphic design of the event as well as the production of contents for talks and workshops;
And last but not least, Giona, Enrico and Dario who offered their support before, during and after the event in order to allow the many participants to enjoy 3 magnificent days.
Overall, a hard and difficult job that deserves to be absolutely celebrated and that the team has carried out with such dedication, so I address my biggest THANKS to them!

To Dimitar Dinev who with his professionalism made it possible to have all workstations working perfectly.

To Alberto and Rachel, who flew from the UK, and to Giancarlo for helping us with everything.

To our Main Sponsor, Epic Games, whose support helped us creating the biggest AcademyDays ever.

To the workshop sponsors, Epic Games, AXYZ design, Quixel, Substance Designer, Chaos Group V-Ray and Corona Renderer, that let the participants touch firsthand the future development of their software and directly experience their technology, clear result of a long R&D work.

And to our media partners Ronen Bekerman Blog, Evermotion, CGPress and CGRecord for the great support to spread the word on the ADX.

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Food for thought

When I first thought about this event 10 years ago, my idea was to gather at least once a year all people with the same profession and passion. Meeting and getting together in the name of culture, innovation, inspiration and knowledge sharing. All together, each with their own differences that make this world beautiful and fascinating; sometimes confronting each other harshly on some issues, perhaps remaining in the same position, but always with great respect and loyalty.

I haven’t changed my mind about this.

This has been proved through the whole history of AcademyDays, where the contents have always brought artists, professionals and companies on stage with the aim of humbly providing participants with food and inspiration for their mind. All people involved, who put everything at disposal of an event, deserve a great applause because they dedicated their time to the cause of sharing and thought confrontation.

I believe this is the way how to respect the attendees, who put a lot of effort and thousands of kilometers to assist the conference, and this will still be our commitment for the future.

ADX topics

This year we have seen how realtime is changing the way we are used to creating contents for Clients and how, despite this, creativity has an absolute weight on the final success. We have admired how the vision of a wonderful Artist, a pioneer of Industry who died prematurely, can continue to live in the work of his team. We realized how a Studio, which started with pure arch-viz, now allows people all over the world to visit a city without having to move from home. We have understood how our work can be put at the service of art and how it is in fact a form of art itself. We have looked at artificial intelligence, which combined with the everyday life of artists is scary and at the same time fascinating, generating a great debate. We have also seen how combining technology with physical models can provide a unique experience for the exploration and presentation of a project. Finally we discovered that from the simple willingness to create a valuable Studio, the recipe is very simple: right people in the right place, combining talent with a loads of research and development.

And the Secret Party

Another fantastic experience of this edition was the Secret Party to celebrate our anniversary. Being able to share it with all of you made it all very special. Seeing so many smiling faces, having fun, dancing, joking, taking pictures and enjoying the show is really priceless. We have it crystal clear: the party is here to stay! The AcademyDays Party will be a prerogative of the event for now on and we have many ideas for another epic party. So please fasten your seatbelts: 2020 AcademyDays is already coming!

Thank you all very much for sharing these unforgettable moments and see you next year.
A hug.
Gianpiero Peo Monopoli

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