Architectural Visualization is part of the vast computer graphic world.

Others can call it Environment art, where the Artists can give life to unbuilt scenarios.

In the last five years there’s been an explosion in demand for architectural visualization artists or environment artists in many fields (architecture, VFX, games) as more people were becoming interested in creating virtual buildings, cities and maps to better engage their audience. In addition we’ve to consider the wider accessibility to technology that further made things easier for everyone. 

So as a consequence, companies have started looking for skilled artists to join their teams.

At SOA Academy, we like the idea that everyone can achieve excellent results by properly learning things and working hard. We put our students at the center of everything and we give them the most up-to-date workflows and technical skills to become the future artists of our Industry. When they are at SOA Academy, they also learn how to work together, which is an essential condition to be hired in a company or to be a great entrepreneur.

These are the reasons why so many companies ask SOA Academy to provide contacts of our students constantly.

Francesca working on a project at SOA
Francesca working on a project at SOA in the Masterclass#47

In 11 years of classes, we met more than 800 students from 90 different countries, and it’s fantastic to see how today they are part of big studios and teams helping clients imagine the future world.

Being a former SOA Academy student means getting access to the most prestigious studios and companies globally, and it’s the starting point where people can give a twist to their careers. It’s a great responsibility for us to shape people and train them in the best correct way possible, but it’s not a mystery that what we transfer to them is just what we learn daily from our production studio.

Before being teachers, SOA Academy’s team is made up of Artists with an average of 15 years of experience. We’ve access to the latest software releases, and we work with the developers to understand before others what the benefits are and how those tools or features can influence the workflow. All of this is to offer our students anticipation of the future and let them prepare for the challenges they’ll soon face in the industry.

We constantly support our students even after the course: in years, we’ve established a good network where they can communicate with the rest of the Industry and with us.


They’ll never be left apart because they’re part of the family, and we’ll help them until they can reach their dream job.

As instructors, what gives us satisfaction is when our students contact us with the news they’ve been hired and they can finally start their journey.

So join SOA family and build your future career in architectural Visualization: this is the right place to start.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Join our next ArchViz Masterclass in Italian – July 5 to 30 and in English – September 6 to October 1, 2021.

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