AD#9: interview with Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos, RPBW

Another interesting interview with a great Artist: Dionysios Tsagkaropoulos.

Let’s find out with Ronen Bekerman, SOA AcademyDays’ Media Partner, how Dionysios started his career and then got to work at Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

From the Architectural studies in Venice to the foundation of his own business in Italy: Delta Tracing, the goal that Dionysios wanted to achieve in his works was the photorealistic quality with a strong eye on light and composition.

But the economic crisis hit his company too and in 2015 he decided to join RPBW in Paris where he’s now the cgi manager. In Paris he’s working in a team of two people that produced 517 images in just 6 months.

He tells us that this was a huge change as the rendering process at RPBW isn’t that commercial and there’s much less attention to details than in his previous working experiences. Let’s go through his current production process in which what counts is the pure architecture, the lighting, the materials and the maquette.

Enjoy the video!

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