Academy Days #9 Workshop Day

October 11th – free workshop day (ONLY FOR ACADEMY DAYS’ ATTENDEES).

Bookings for the workshops are managed separately from the AcademyDays. Remember to make two bookings: one for the event and one for the workshops.


with Roberto De Rose

Endless materials with Substance Designer

One of most common problems in the 3d world is related to textures and more precisely the repetition of textures. The problem particularly arises when we have to cover widespread areas where it is easy to see the same pattern repeated many times, which ruins the realistic effect of the image.

Thanks to Substance Designer, this problem can be completely removed.

During the workshop Roberto De Rose, Art Director and Substance expert at SOA, will show you how to create materials, nodes and smart masks to break the repetition and so create infinite textures.


with Gianpiero Monopoli

Unified Teaching Chaos Group V-Ray / Corona Renderer.

The workshop will cover what we call the Unified Teaching Chaos Group V-Ray and Corona Renderer.

Gianpiero Monopoli, V-Ray Mentor and Corona Primary Certified Instructor will guide the attendees to understand the logic that stands behind the two software so that to highlight their differences in production and show their main features.

At the end of the 4-hour workshop all attendees will be able to choose which rendering engine is the best for their work. A good opportunity to know the two most used engines in the ArchViz.


with Enrico Lapponi

Unreal Engine lighting

One of the most important step when creating a scene is lighting. In this workshop you will see how to use Unreal Engine tools to bring the scene to life; in particular the kind of approach to follow when using a real-time rendering software.

Enrico Lapponi, 3D Artist at SOA, will teach you the steps to setup a basic lighting to develop more complex scenarios and specific lighting effects. During the workshop we will also see the differences between static and dynamic lighting considering pros and cons in terms of quality and performance.


The full day of workshops is completely free for all SOA AcademyDays#9 attendees.

Bookings for the workshops are managed separately from the AcademyDays. Remember to make two bookings: one for the event and one for the workshops.

When booking your seat, you have to choose two workshops to attend.


ALL ATTENDEES HAVE TO TAKE WITH THEM THEIR LAPTOP TO PRACTICE with the needed software installed in accordance with the workshops chosen.

Unreal Engine 4.19
Substance Designer 2018
Corona Renderer 2.0
V-Ray Next
3dsMax 2018



Workshop duration: 4-hour workshop
Attendees: professionals, CG lovers and artists in the Architectural Visualization field.
Dates:  October 11, 2018.
Seats available:  20 seats per workshop.
Timetable:  8.30 am / 09.00 am for admissions. 09.00 am / 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm/ 6.00 pm.
ATTENTION: Laptop needed in all workshops. Bring yours!

Location:  DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Venice – North, Mogliano Veneto, TV – Italy.
Price: free for all the AcademyDays’ attendees who book online in advance a seat in the workshop.

Lunch not included.