SOA Academy is now officially affiliated to the Total Chaos event organized by Chaos Group. Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, new disocutns are available for all SOA ex- students who want to attend the Total Chaos event.

Discover the origins of SOA Academy and the reality of SOA Studio.
State of Art was founded nine year ago as an Architectural Visualization Studio. The different backgrounds and experiences gained over the years by the three founders let the newborn SOA Studio progress as SOA Academy.

We are proud to announce some important news available from the Masterclass#34 in May 2018. First of all the Unified Teaching Chaos Group V-Ray / Corona Renderer but also Substance Desìgner and discounts for our students.

Here at SOA Academy we are ready for a new year full of news, which we’ll reveal to you during the next weeks. Let’s start from the first one: thanks to the collaboration with Chaos Group in the next Advanced ArchViz course for V-Ray in April, we’ll found out more about V-Ray Next Beta version.