After each Masterclass, a teacher describes the experience with the students.

When we were young at school, teachers used to say “every class has its own soul” and that’s true; this is exactly what we feel. Every class has its personality and a story to tell. Every class conveys emotions, inspires us and can teach something.

In order not to forget our students, we decided to create a travel journal in which, with a few words, we try to tell you about the hours spent with them.

All hours are different; all are amazing.

Masterclass#28: chasing beauty

Last Friday we finished the Masterclass#28 and before our eyes are still standing the good times passed with a group of guys and gals that filled our life for an entire month.

Masterclass#27: fight for your dreams

Another month passed. The Masterclass#27 has just finished and now it’s time to take stock of the work done. Although apparently the project on which the guys worked seemed small and easy in terms of design, actually it was a really complex one: the Grow Box House.

Masterclass#15: the Talent

Dictionary entries describe the word “talent” as: “the innate ability to do something well”. This word can fully describe our Masterclass#15, which has just finished.

Masterclass#14: You're a step forward the future

We have reached the end of the first Masterclass in 2015 at SOA Academy. Our guys have proficiently tested themselves with the rendering of a very interesting and complex architecture drawn by the Studio MAPA + Studio Paralelo and called CASA EM XANGRILÁ. As always, we let them free to imagine and put the project in wonderful places with fascinating landscapes.


We are at the end of the Masterclass#3 with a lot of noticeable moments and with a huge set of new images from the students.