Digital landscaping and parametric design with IToo Software

Five days with iToo Software, the developers of industry leading tools RailClone Pro and Forest Pack Pro. Learn advanced techniques to transform your scenes.

This course is designed for beginner to intermediate artists who want to learn how to take their landscape creation skills to the next level with Forest Pack Pro and RailClone, direct from the source. The syllabus is split into two related parts. In part one, we look at the key principles that underpin RailClone’s approach to parametric modelling and use its rule-based one and two dimensional arrays to produce a series of increasingly more sophisticated procedural objects. We’ll look at how to optimise RailClone objects to maintain instancing and effortlessly produce huge models without taxing your renderer.

In the second part, we focus in-depth on iToo Software’s popular scattering plugin Forest Pack Pro. After explaining the key principles, we go well beyond the basics to explore advanced techniques – including how they can be applied for common uses such as ground cover, vehicles, foliage, crowds, rocks and more. We’ll also touch upon using Forest Pack for animation, optimising scenes for VR renders, and how to extend the built-in feature set.

Both parts are taught through a series of discrete exercises with opportunities to adapt what’s been learned for a provided scene. Our approach is to focus on knowledge of the underlying principles rather than specific techniques. By understanding how the plugins work, students who complete the course can leave ready to tackle almost any project they encounter.

iToo Software Masterclass


Course: Digital landscaping and parametric design with iToo Software.
Software: Autodesk 3ds Max, Forest Pack Pro, RailClone Pro, Chaos Group V-Ray.
Requirements:  Good working knowledge of Autodesk 3ds Max and Chaos Group V-Ray.

Seats available: 12 seats.
Course duration: 80 hours.
Price: € 1,350 + 22% VAT (+ € 50,00 as administration fee).

iToo Software Masterclass



DAY #1


The key to getting the most out of RailClone is to master the rules that underpin its two arrays. On the first day we will clearly explain every aspect of the way the L1S and A2S
generators work. Using this knowledge we will produce a series of increasingly more advanced styles, starting with correctly selecting or creating and preparing source objects, and moving on to to explore a wide variety of techniques used to combine, align, transform and deform geometry.

  • Scene by Matthias Arndt – Lichtecht


DAY #2


We’ll take the principles learned from the previous day and apply them to a real world scene. Adding advanced randomisation of transforms, materials, and geometry. We will explain how to parameterise objects so that they respond to conditional rules and create geometry with potentially complex internal arithmetic dependencies. Finally, learn how to save styles in a RailClone library for easy re-use and optimise and debug their scenes for fast rendering and efficient viewport performance.

  • Scene by BB3VIZ


DAY #3


Forest Pack mastery comes with a thorough understanding of principles. On the first day we’ll explain in depth not only what each part of Forest Pack is used for, but also why,  including: geometry settings, understanding areas and how they can be layered and nested, scale and density falloff, distribution maps including diversity, and transforms.

  • Scene by F10 Studio


DAY #4


Through guided projects you will learn to experiment with the knowledge gained in Day 3 to configure distribution patterns and area types to simulate the growth patterns and species distribution found in nature. We’ll use clustering and Forest Pack’s diversity features to reproduce several common types of scattering scenario and you will be able to take creative control of the various randomisation features of Forest Pack to add variety, minimise any obvious repetition of geometry and create effects. Finally we’ll illustrate how Forest Colour is used to create materials with randomised and tinted maps.

  • Scene by Massimo Verona


DAY #5


On the final day we’ll look at creative uses for Forest Pack’s animation modes, even if you only plan to render stills. We’ll explain how to optimise scenes and workflows for efficient rendering and faster viewport performance including LOD objects, camera clipping and distance based falloff for standard and VR renders. If the built in features aren’t enough, we’ll demonstrate how to extend the features of Forest Pack using Forest Effects. Finally, we’ll illustrate how to make those final touches as we demonstrate how to use Forest Pack in Tree Editor mode to adjust scattered objects for precise control and “hero” models.

  • Scene by iToo Software

iToo Software Masterclass


iToo Software Masterclass


Paul joined iToo Software in 2013 as a technical writer and training materials developer and works closely with companies to help them get the most out of Forest Pack and RailClone. He has worked with 3ds Max for over fifteen years, training users in the architectural, games, and VFX industries

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