Workshops, lectures and meetings. SoA Academy isn’t just a training center but a real reference point for insiders all over the world: freelancers, companies, software houses and Architectural Studios. The future of Computer Graphics passes through SoA Academy.

Academy Days 10

SoA Academy organised the 10th edition of the Academy Days: a two-day workshop for professionals and passionate architectural visualisation artists. By combining the knowledge and expertise of international and renowned Artists, the Academy Days are meant to let people in the Arch-Viz world meet and share their esperiences on recently completed projects.
Have a look at our 10th Anniversary Academy Days.

Academy Days



Two days to exchange views and discover the novelties in the field, which is constantly changing. The AcademyDays are one of the most awaited international events related to the ArchViz. Every year in autumn, more than 200 professionals coming from more than 40 countries in the world attend the event. Attendees find out where the industry is heading, thanks to the lectures made by some top artists and well-known studios in the world. Two days of inspirational talks, new softwares, new procedures, successful case studies but also of drinks and dips in the pool: two days in which chats don’t happen on a computer screen or by Skype.

2019 – 10th Anniversary Academy Days



Have a look at the past editions of the AcademyDays. Explore who spoke on the stage in the latest editions: speakers, sponsors, location and much more.

AcademyDays #7

AcademyDays #8

AcademyDays #9

AcademyDays #10



What does stand behind the ArchViz image creation? How can we add value to a project through some photorealistic renderings?

For an architect is important to have some basic knowledge of our world because it broadens their professional horizons. This is the reason why SoA Academy organizes some educational meetings in collaboration with Architects’ Associations. Five days to discover secrets in Computer Graphics: modelling, lighting, shading, rendering and postproduction. Contact SoA Academy if you are interested in organizing meetings so we can choose the dates, costs and contents for the lessons.