Lighting Masterclass with Peter Guthrie #2

Few weeks ago here at SoA Academy we had the second edition of the Lighting Masterclass with Peter Guthrie. Once again, we’re fully satisfied with the results achieved in such a short time.

Thanks to Peter’s guidance, assisted by Henry Goss from The Boundary, the guys worked on the lighting, photographic composition and atmosphere creation of the SuperHouse Project from Strom Architects. To grow, it’s important to learn from the best and this is exactly the chance we wanted to give to the 12 students in the course. Few days to learn and take the best from ArchViz to make it their own.

Our Industry needs more people like Peter Guthrie and Henry Goss, who offered their experience to create the basis to stand out in the ArchViz world. We would like to thank Peter and Henry for their collaboration and the 12 students who in 5 days put all their efforts to create the images that you can browse in the gallery below.

As always, the Academy’s door is open to all our students (past, present and future) because the Academy is the place where people can learn and grow.

SoA Team

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