Masterclass#13: Viva la Vida

Let’s celebrate the meaning of life with the Masterclass#13

It is always very hard for me to describe the feeling after a masterclass like the one just ended. The time has flown by quickly, a month may seem long to get through, but when you are lucky enough to find some guys like that, you would want everything to stop. Thanks to them we had a wonderful journey and I am sure the final images reflect this desire for growth and learning that they have shown throughout the month.

What impressed me even more, was the togetherness and the desire to make the group. Only after a couple of days they seemed to know each other all along. Evidence of this are all the pictures posted of their nights and weekends spent around Italy and beyond. Viva la Vida: I have found no other words to describe these great guys. They were able to put into practice what we taught and were able to celebrate the best the meaning of life. You have been an inspiration and you made me understand what are some of the core values to live life in the best way. This will always be grateful. The friendship, openness to different cultures, the fun, your laughter, your nights on the road with the whales, being together and help each other are what I will carry forever in my heart. The experience you have had and that we’ve done live was really amazing. I am sure that you will treasure for this is I am sure that soon we will hear about you in our industry.

I wish you so many good things and I hope to see you soon here at Academy.
A big hug,

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