Masterclass#14: You’re a step forward the future

A short recap from Masterclass#14

We have reached the end of the first Masterclass in 2015 at SOA Academy. Our guys have proficiently tested themselves with the rendering of a very interesting and complex architecture drawn by the Studio MAPA + Studio Paralelo and called CASA EM XANGRILÁ. As always, we let them free to imagine and put the project in wonderful places with fascinating landscapes.

After much struggle but with steadfast commitment and a lot of patience, our guys created high level artworks. In the month spent here at Academy, we have seen growing a great group. The guys didn’t know each other before, but after the first day, they looked like they have always been old friends. This helped them to overcome all difficulties and get the results that we are now proud to show you. With the Masterclass#14 we’ve shared funny times. It’s always a great pleasure to spend time with our guys, all together, out of the Academy as well.

I like getting to know their personal lives, where they come from and, above all, where they are heading to. In their eyes I saw enthusiasm, a wish to achieve their goals and to turn their passion for architectural visualization into their job. I’m a staunch supporter of the saying “where there’s a will, there’s a way”. Well, if your will to achieve and your determination don’t fall at the first hurdle in your way, I’m sure you will go far. I’m also sure that, as many of our guys, in the future we will see you in some important Studio and proud of your works, you will send your pictures around the world.

People say that the future belongs to those who follow it, but you are already a step forward it.
I wish you all the best and remember that the SOA Academy will always be your home. See you soon.

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