Masterclass#15: the Talent

Talent – Dictionary entries describe the word “talent” as: “the innate ability to do something well”. This word can fully describe our Masterclass#15, which has just finished.

Their artistic talent will lead them to a brilliant and successful future. The SOA Academy is only the starting point for a long walk and it gaves them the know-how to become professionals in the field. In the last month our guys worked really hard and the results they’ve got are the outcome of their dedication and passion for ArchViz. The outcomes that we are looking at are extraordinary and the various images reveal how these guys perceive Architecture and the love they feel when representing it.

In the last month we had so much fun and we learnt a lot. It was a real honor to have them as our students. Talent can’t be bought but, on the contrary, it’s something that has to be nurtured day by day. You guys have a lot of talent and I wish you with all my heart not to ever lose this luck. Sooner or later (I’m sure it will be sooner) we’re going to hear people talking about you and it will be our pleasure to live that moment being even more proud of you and what you did.

A big hug to you and hope to see you again at SOA Academy in the future.


P.s: I can’t breath, I can’t breaf..

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