Masterclass#18: Time of changes

The Masterclass#18 has just finished and it has been a great month with 12 amazing guys from all over the world.

When the Academy is empty and there’s silence, I like watching the guys’ images and finding there the efforts and the beauty that make me really proud. The guys dealt with particular topics and were able to work on the architecture of the House of Riihi ( in a really personal way.

Here at Academy we have made some changes on our teaching method and made the students test and face real problem occurring in the production phases. This was a further challenge for them and we really think that they have been super! They did just fine and their group was one of those that will leave a lasting mark of their pass at Academy.

I wish you all the best for your career and I’m sure that very soon we’ll see and hear amazing things from you!
A big hug!

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