Masterclass#19: may the B-force be with you

The Masterclass#19 was the last one in this amazing 2015

We couldn’t finish in a better way with a group of incredible guys, who spent all their energies to get the result they had in mind and express their vision on the architecture we had proposed. The project they have worked on is The Verdant Avenue House from Robert Mills architects: a well-finished architecture that let the students work both on the interiors and on the exteriors and capture the essence of every detail.

It was a big challenge for everyone to render such a complex project in the time and ways we had established. For them it was like facing a Client and they had to convince us that their idea was good and could led to something extraordinary. We’re proud of each of them and I want to remember them for the sensitivity they feel towards this Industry and their desire for success. I’m sure that these characteristics will take them really far and soon we’ll see them in the most important Studios in the world working on big projects.

I wish you a brilliant carrier and of course, I hope to see you again someday to share some other great times like the ones we had with you here at Academy.
A big hug.


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