Masterclass#27: fight for your dreams

And another month passed. The Masterclass#27 has just finished and now it’s time to take stock of the work done.

Although apparently the project on which the guys worked seemed small and easy in terms of design, actually it was a really complex one: the Grow Box House. Not only did the students render the building but they also created multiple environments in which they added lot of details. Have a look at them in the final artworks.

It was a real pleasure to share with them a month made of hard work and many questions, to which we hope that we gave all the awaited answers. We are in a time in which everything in the industry is changing at the speed of light. Thus, it’s our duty to give a direction to the people who want to make a job of this passion. From the guys’ questions, we understood how they feel difficult to build a career and establish themselves in this world. The secret to get it is always the same: sacrifice.

A tough work, the belief in oneself (always with some humility) and the passion for a work that often punches you in the face are the only necessary things to become great. I’m sure that every student will be able to treasure what they did in this past month and according with their talent, they will know how to get ahead in this wonderful world.

Personally, what I got are some vivid memories on extraordinary people that made me laugh and gave me great times. Their questions, their fears, their uncertainties were my fuel to become aware of the responsibilities that I have in their regards as a teacher. I will keep an eye on them as I do with all the Academy’s guys because they are my source of proud. If I think that there’s one of them in every part of the world, I feel my heart filled with joy.

To all of you guys and gals, I wish the best for your career and life: you’re special people so don’t let anybody destroy your dreams because they can become real more than what you think. Academy will always be your home and your lighthouse when you feel discouraged or have lost the direction. Thank you for giving me your time and attention.

A hug,

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