The Masterclass#4 has just finished: It was hard work and unforgettable breaks.

In this month the guys faced together the hard classes and also they had the time to work on a personal image based on the main project Octagon from the Architecture Studio RBA. The building represents the new headquarters of the RBA Studio which will be built close to the Academy. This is the reason why we have been able to look at the project area to understand in which context it will be inserted. The images that you can find below have been commented and presented to the architects, who have then explained to us how the project will develop based also from our suggestions.

In the 4 class weeks we had different lessons: photography, modelling, lighting, shading and above all post-production. The images that have been created really make us proud and given the little time we had at disposal, we can’t be more happy of the results. The students surprised the architects, who were impressed by the variety of situations showed. On our facebook page you can find more comments and details on the project.

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