Masterclass#7: the great one

Skills, talent, inclination to get great results from the Masterclass#7

Last Friday we finished our last international master for this year. We hosted 8 students from all over the world and we shared with them our know-how. In exchange they gave us their attention and willingness to listen. Often people think that a beautiful image is the product of technical and software knowledge. In this case we have shown how a basic knowledge of 3dsmax can get fantastic results because the talent and the preparation of the artist.

We are fascinated and a little ‘surprised by the quality of the final images and although we congratulated many times our guys, they all deserve our strong support to continue in this field. Talent is something that must be cultivated and we are confident that each of them has a brilliant career ahead in this world. We shared wonderful moments together and hoping to have made you feel like at home during this month, we look forward to see you again soon in Spaghetti Land.

A big hug from the whole Academy.

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