Privacy policy

Information on the data protection according to the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR – UE Reg. 2016/679)

STATE OF ART SRL is protecting the Personal Information you transmit. Therefore, the management  and security of such data is granted with the maximum attention in accordance with what requested by the privacy law.

This informative document shows who we are, why we could use your data, how we manage them, whom we may give them (for example suppliers, Public Authorities, etc.), where we may transfer them and what are your rights.

Who will handle my data?

Your personal information are handled by STATE OF ART SRL located in San Donà di Piave (VE) in Via Monte Popera 4/6. Tel. +39 0241 630457, email: [email protected], as data controller.

Why do you need my personal information?

STATE OF ART SRL will use your personal information exclusively with the following purposes:

  1. Purposes connected with the management of the contractual relationship and service provision: your data will be treated for the following: creation, management and closure of the contractual and commercial relationship; compliance with accounting and fiscal obligations; compliance with law obligations (e.g. antiterrorist controls); anti-money laundering controls; fiscal and accounting controls; controversy management; supply, support, update and information related to the services offered; activation of online services when needed and requested (e.g. access to the personal area on a website);
  2. Purposes connected with marketing activities: with your specific consent, your Data will be treated for the following: market research; economic and statistical analysis; social, cultural, solidarity activities; updates on educational offers, marketing; dispatch of ad/informative/promotional material and update on activities, promotions and offers; communications and information of activities and events related to the Company. We will also use the photos and videos taken during the course and the images created during courses for marketing purposes like to promote new courses and share the Academy experience on our social networks, leaflets and website.

STATE OF ART will handle this information:

  • on the basis of your consent;
  • because it is necessary to comply with contractual obligations listed under point 1 (like the creation and management of a commercial contract);
  • because it is necessary to comply with legal obligations listed under point 1 (like accounting obligations);
  • because the treatment is necessary to pursue legitimate interest (like anti-money laundering).

Therefore, the  transfer of personal information is compulsory for the purposes listed under point 1.

For the purposes under point 2, there is no law obligation and the consent is optional, although recommended.

The partial or total lack of consent for the information given may cause the impossibility to carry out the activities above mentioned.

Every time we will check all information provided to determine if they are thorough and to avoid extra information which actually are not needed for the purposes mentioned.

We will not use your personal information for purposes other than the ones listed above, unless differently stated and with your prior consent.

How will you use my personal information?

STATE OF ART aims to protect the personal information of their Clients by being correct and transparent. Therefore, we inform you that your personal data will be treated with the use of tools and procedures that grant the maximum security and confidentiality: via hardcopy archives, digital tools and online platforms.

The communications listed under point 2 may be carried out in the traditional way (post, phone calls) or digitally (via fax, email, sms, messaging apps). In any case you have the right to object to these communications.

How long will you store my personal information?

Your personal information will be stored upon receiving/updating the details for a reasonable period in accordance with the treatment above mentioned and with what stated by law.

Will you share my personal data with Third Parties?

For the purposes under point 1, your data may be communicated to Third Parties (among them collection agencies, user companies, professionals, Public Offices, review and supervisory bodies, service suppliers) to comply with the law obligations, rules, Community legislation or for aspects related to the management and execution of our contractual relationship. For example we may communicate your data to third parties that collaborate with us who will provide discounts and customized certificates. Finally, to offer you the best agreements for your stay, we may send your personal information to some local tourist facilities that may contact you to help you organizing your stay in San Donà.

For all purposes shown in this document, your data will also be communicated abroad, both inside and outside the European Community, always in compliance of the rights and guarantees established by the existing legislation (after checking that the relevant Country grants an appropriate level of protection).

In addition, the data will be handled by people internal to the company who have been properly instructed and work as authorized personnel for the data protection.

We also inform you that all company’s emails will be stored in an archiving system. The access to the archived data can only be done by public authorities in accordance to what written in the existing legislation in case of legal disputes.

Your personal information cannot be disclosed.

What are my rights?

At any time you have right to request:

  • access to your personal information;
  • their correction in case they are not correct;
  • their cancellation;
  • a limitation in terms of treatment.

Moreover, you will have:

  • the right to obstruct their treatment when:
  1. they are treated to pursue a legitimate interest;
  2. they are treated for direct marketing;
  • the right of portability, which means to receive them in a structured format readable in any device.

We will take your request in consideration with the maximum effort to grant the exercise of your rights. Last, you will have right to complain with the Privacy guarantor.

Can I withdraw my consent after giving it?

Yes, you can withdraw your consent at any time. This will not:

  • affect the legitimate use of the consent given before the withdrawal;
  • affect further treatments of the data based on legal basis (e.g. contractual or law obligations).

I have further questions…

For further information on this document or on the privacy, or if you need to exercise your rights or withdraw your consent, you can contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Address: Via Monte Popera 4/6, 30027 San Donà di Piave (VE)
Phone: +39 0421 630457