RB SOA Scholarship

We have fully restarted our activities after the summer vacation.

The students of the Masterclass#16 are working hard and we’re sure that also this course will give exciting outcomes. The AcademyDay#6 is already sold out and we’re trying to add some seats more to fulfill the many requests we have received.

We’re really happy about that and we feel the affection and support of the entire Industry. Of course, here at Academy we are used to look at the future; this is the reason why we are glad to announce that we’ve already opened the registrations for the 2016 ArchViz Masterclasses. The first ones in March and April are already sold out and thus you can now also find the one in June.

Another amazing news, which makes us very proud, is the agreement with Ronen Bekerman, The Boundary and Chaos Group that have decided to finance a scholarship at SOA Academy for a student who will deserve it. To take part to this selection, please visit https://ronenbekerman.typeform.com/to/nPd1m0 and answer to the questions there.
What better way to restart working after the summer break than this?

Give it a try and hope to see you soon here at SOA Academy!

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