SOA Academy Masterclass#10: flawless

Masterclass#10: joy and sharing

Among other things, many pictures of the time we spent together catch my attention and leave a lasting impression in my mind: all the students who come to Academy leave something special, almost magic. Their struggles to improve and achieve new results help us to think about Academy as the right place where world Top Artists of the future could train. I always bear in mind how these guys follow our advices and suggestions, share information and stay together joyfully. The results they achieve at the end of a month is clear to your eyes. I am very proud of them.

During this month we transmitted you our knowledge, but above all the way we see this job, our philosophy. You won’t find it in online tutorials and has nothing to do with softwares. We are sure you will keep treasuring it, and it will be part of your future knowledge. I wish you a brilliant and satisfying future; I am sure we will soon hear about everyone of you.

I give you a big hug and i hope to see you soon at Academy.

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