From November 29 to December 05

SOA Black Friday

Take advantage of SOA Black Friday with some discounts we thought for you.

All discounts will be applied to bookings made from November 29th to December 5th (both included) and paid by December 13th, 2019.

– Corona Renderer #09: € 1,365.00  -> € 1,092.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 273)

– Post-production and Matte Painting #22: € 1,365.00  -> € 1,092.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 273)

– Substance Designer #02: € 1,550.00  -> € 1,240.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 310)

– Unreal Engine #12: € 1,870.00  -> € 1,589.50 (15% Discount: you’ll save € 280.50)

Promotion non-cumulative with other discounts. The ArchViz Masterclass isn’t included in the promotion. All prices are VAT and admin fee excluded.


Become a Corona Certified Instructor and master photorealism

If Photorealism is what you’re looking for, the Corona Renderer for Archviz class is what you need. We merged the Corona Academy course with our knowledge in lighting and shading to provide you the best one-week class possible. And the good news is this’s not just about theory but you’ll test all the new features on a project ready for you. At the end of the course, you’ll become a Corona Certified Instructor, and also you’ll get a Corona license for 2 years.


Corona Renderer #04 – February 2018

“I had just entered the world of ArchViz and decided to attend the Corona Renderer course: I couldn’t make a better choice. The course is advanced and intense (just one week). It is well-structured to let you understand all functions of the software, step by step. Giona, supervisor of the course, was really professional, experienced and available to solve any doubt.”

Corona Renderer #09: € 1,365.00  -> € 1,092.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 273)

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Use creativity and tell your stories

If you’re working on many competitions or you simply want to change the look your images, the course on PostProduction and Mattepainting is your next step. Learn hot to work with 16-bit and 32-bit files but also how to digitally paint your images. Add then some photobashing and mattepainting and the trick is done. Your sketches will become live in your creative scenarios.


Post-Production #19 – August 2018

“We spent a week in San Dona di Piave, and I have no words to express how good those days were. The guys from SOA really know the software and how to master them. The enviroment there is something special too. Go and expect to see great artists, great teachers, great professionals and really funny people. Attending the Archviz Post Production Course changed my way of working and also my images. I definitely recommend SOA Academy to everyone and I’ll be back there soon for sure!”

Post-production and Matte Painting #22: € 1,365.00  -> € 1,092.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 273)

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Substance designer for arch-viz

Create any kind of materials and textures

If you deal with shaders on a daily basis and you always struggle to find the right texture or material, the Substance Designer course is made for you. Learn the correct workflow to fulfill any client’s request and to create smart shaders you can reuse many times with different outputs, on any 3d software. Become a Material Master and boost the photorealism of your renders.


Substance Designer #01 – June 2019

“My latest experience at SOA was in the Substance Masterclass. I had never opened Substance before because I hadn’t much free time for studying it by myself.
About the Masterclass?
In 5 days Roberto gave us the knowledge on how to start and work with Substance following a clear workflow. He also went into deep in the creation of really complex materials, always giving you a solution for specific questions. For me it’s a really an awesome Masterclass with a lot of information to work on and stuff shared. I had no previous knowledge but if you have a basic knowledge of the software I think that your experience will be even better.”

Substance Designer #02: € 1,550.00  -> € 1,240.00 (20% Discount: you’ll save € 310)

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unreal engine FOR ARCH-VIZ

Be ready for the future of Arch-viz

If you’re looking for an exhaustive crash course on Unreal Engine, this is the class for you.
Learn how to produce a complete VR ArchViz demo, client-ready. You’ll understand how to prepare your models to get the best quality possible, how to create your own materials, how to correctly set up a lighting system. Once the building is done, you’ll work on vegetation, landscape and also interaction, blueprints, and menus.


Unreal Engine #05 – May 2018

“I spent two weeks at SOA for the Unreal Engine Masterclass#5, and I was very satisfied with the level of teaching offered by the Academy. It was overall an extremely productive experience for me: the workshops were highly informative and the tutors very helpful. They offered thorough investigation of the content, and were open to respond to various questions and topics. Would definitely recommend!”

Unreal Engine #12: € 1,870.00  -> € 1,589.50 (15% Discount: you’ll save € 280.50)

(ENG) Unreal Engine for ArchViz #15
Feb 15, 2021 - Feb 26, 2021
Seats left: 12