Waiting for AcademyDay#7

Well, we must admit that although we’re a bit late compared to last years, we have been working behind the scenes of the event that all the Industry is waiting for. And as always we’re finally here to proudly announce the dates of the upcoming AcademyDay#7: October 7th – 8th, 2016.

Although the event is keeping the same format as last ones, we worked hard on the contents by reflecting deeply on the conditions of our Industry. This led us to choose the title for this year edition: Reshaping Arch-Viz. We’re sure it will be clearer once we’ll publish the panel that we have saved for all attendees.

We’ll open registrations very soon. In the meantime, since we’re receiving many requests, we would like you to save the dates on your calendar with the hope to meet you again at the Double Tree Hilton in Mogliano Veneto. We’ll drop in the future. There will be something to learn, people to meet and fun to have. Because this is what people basically expect from the AcademyDay.

Hope to see many of you there!

The SOA Academy team

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