Workshop on Substance Designer at the Academy Day#8

The AcademyDay#8 is just around the corner. As we do every year, we always try to do better and add new contents compared to the previous edition.
In the 2017 edition, you’ll find two big novelties: the ArchViz Academy Awards and the Allegorithmic Workshop. Let’s talk about the latter.

We would like that the people who is attending the event can get an idea of what we do at Academy in our school year. So we decided to organize a full day, completely free and sponsored by Allegorithmic. The AcademyDay’s attendees can register with this form to the workshop on Substance Designer. The workshop is on October 5th from 10 am to 7 pm at Villa Braids (one minute far by car from the DoubleTree Hotel).


To attend the workshop you’ll have to install the demo of Substance Designer 2017 and take your laptop with you.
To download the demo, you have to register on their website with the same email you used to register to the workshop. In this way you can get two months of free use of Allegorithmic products. For multiple registrations with the same account, use each attendee’s email to register also on Allegorithmic’s website.

Only 20 seats are available. Click on the button below to apply.
A special thanks to Allegorithmic for sponsoring the workshop!



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