July 19, 2017
Let’s have a look at iToo Software’s plug-ins, RailClone and Forest Pack, which can help us improve our scenes.

With the advent of 64bit systems, bigger cpu processing power and the expansion of the RAM, the CG has undergone a radical change related to the creation of 3d scenes.

Until a few years ago it was unthinkable to create natural environments entirely geometrical and the level of buildings’ details was reduced to their minimum. For these reasons artists had to optimize and recreate many of these details by painting them.

Here at Academy we’ve always tried to face this issues by testing different possible solutions. We discovered 2 plug-ins that have been part of our standard procedure for six years now. We think they are essential skillsets for modern 3d artists: we’re talking about Forest Pack and Railclone by iToosoft. The former is used for scattering, the latter for parametric modeling in 3dsMax. They are extremely important for those people who want to achieve a higher level of realism in their images.

Over time many guys asked us to organize a course on environment creation and the feeling we had is that this was an actual topic. Although these plug-ins are largely used, we have indeed found that people don’t have a deep know-how to get the maximum out of them. Thus, thanks to the partnership with iToosoft we decide to organize a Masterclass, also by considering all suggestions and ideas expressed by the users.

The result is that in November Paul Roberts, iToo Software’s training manager, will join the SOA Academy team for a course that will give to the users the right direction to follow with the two plug-ins to solve problems that are everyday more complex and to improve the final quality of 3d environments. In addition, thanks to the recent release of RailClone 3, iToosoft has further woirked on the plug-in with new features and fixes that have improved it both in terms of speed and performance. This and much more will be the subject of the course starting on November 13th (look at the course schedule here: iToo Software Masterclass).

Registrations are now open and we are looking forward to seeing you at Academy.

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