October 3, 2018
We’re glad to introduce the interview with Luca Catino, a SOA student from the first Unreal Engine Masterclass. He will present ArchViz in the yacht world.

We’re glad to introduce the interview with Luca Catino, a SOA student from the first Unreal Engine Masterclass.

Could you present yourself to our readers and tell them the position you currently hold?

I studied architecture in Rome and started working in a very important naval/design studio called Zuccon International Project. After 8 years there, I decided to open my own small studio. I am currently working mostly as a yacht designer for different shipyards and in the last two years I am constantly working for Dominator Yachts Shipyards. Since I was at university, I started wondering about 3D and CGI and I am still doing all the phases concerning interior and exterior yacht projects, civil architecture and product design, creating stills for magazines, brochures, video animation for new yachts and of course all the images needed for the client meetings for my own projects.

Why have you decided to become an Arch-Viz Artist?

Everything started while studying architecture when I needed a way to present my projects to the teachers.

Then it became more and more a passion than a need. I mean, it is still a need because today I couldn’t live without doing CG but sometimes I also use it to relax. It’s like I am in another dimension; another world where everything is created by my hands..that’s why when I work today, it’s like I’m not working at all.

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You attended our first edition of the Unreal Engine Masterclass, how was your experience at SOA?

The experience was impressive, amazing and without doubts, it was the best experience I’ve ever made. I met a lot of people coming from other countries, with different cultures and lifestyles. But you know, in SOA I feel like in a family, a CG family where common passions come together and set the mood like no other. The UE4 course was amazing. Teachers are amazing in the way in which they explain things and how they interact with people.

Why did you decide to attend a SOA course?

I’d been curious to attend one of the courses since very long time and I decided for UE4 course also because SOA was the first Academy doing this course. Then I had been knowing Roberto, Gianpiero and all SOA staff since long time, so I decided in a jiffy when they released the course. Plus I was following their artworks and CG works since when they created SOA..so I was sure about everything.

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How did the course help you improve your skillset and quality of images?

The course helped me to be a more secure person and to develop interpersonal relationships that go beyond computer graphics. The course helped me become a better person in general, not just as a 3D artist… and my images have acquired feelings and emotions that they did not show before.

Is there any moment during your experience at SOA that you remember with a smile?


Everyday was the winning day. Everyday, being in the same room with Roberto teaching, was like being at school but with a fantastic teacher. Everyday there was something amazing..I can say every minute at least.

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You also participated to many edition of the Academy Days. What are your thoughts about the event?

I attended almost all editions of AD. The event is great. It gives people the possibility to interact, to speak about the same passions. It also helps you find a job because there are the best studios in the world there: you can also ask for interviews and maybe, if you’re a good guy and a nice CG artist, you may find a job in the entire world. AD is THE place where people come from different countries..is there something better in today’s life? I don’t think so.

Thanks for your kind words. That’s exactly what we wanted when we firtst started the AcademyDays: to have a place where people could meet and share their experiences. Did your SOA experience helped you with your career? How?

I could have followed a totally different path and maybe be a different person in everything, even a different professional. But, given that today I am proud and satisfied with my journey, I take this opportunity to thank all the staff at SOA because you have made all this possible: you were the architects of this fantastic journey. If today, with the interior project made for Dominator Ilumen 28M CADET V with the shipyard and the NAvahead shipyard, we won the award as the best semi-custom yacht in the world of 2018, I also owe it to SOA.

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What were the biggest difficulties you faced at the beginning of your working experience? How did you handle and overcome them?

The biggest difficulties were related to the meetings with clients. I mean, yeah it’s a client and you have to present your ideas/moods/thoughts..but they are not simple clients. They are yacht clients and sometimes it’s very difficult to interact with them because you don’t know what is wrong and what is right. Also, normally, they do not express themselves like Italians do that is by moving hands or smiling LOL. I overcame these difficulties with a strong believe in what I do, in what I think and in who I am. That’s the most important thing to remember in my opinion.

Is there a work/ an image/ a project that you created which is most valuable to you? Why?

The last project I did was the interior design project of Dominator Ilumen 28m cadet v., a VERY BIG YACHT WHERE I HAD TO PUT EVERYTHING INSIDE AND MAKE THE BEST PROJECT EVER. AND I DID IT. I have to admit that during the development of this interior, I presented the client more than 120 image, with different solutions, colors, materials and moods. Finally the boat won the best yacht semi-custom in the world of 2018 at the “World Yachts Trophies” award in Cannes last week. I am really proud of this award cause it’s the culmination after 12 years of very hard work.

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Wow! Congratulations for this great win! This is an incredible example of how ArchViz can be applied to a great variety of fields. Also the renders of the projects look very similar to the photos. Really, that’s stunning!
And now, our usual question to conclude this interview: What do you do in your free time after work? Can you balance your working life and your private one?

During my free time I prefer staying with my family and friends..but I have to admit that “I miss my CG world every second”. I actually work a lot also because I have a lot of requests from many shipyards about new incoming interior projects and also visualization and animation. I’m still able to manage this. LOL.

Thanks Luca for sharing your experience. Keep up your super work!

In the gallery below:

  • first 7 images are renderings by Luca Catino
  • followed by 5 photos of the yacht by @breedmediacreative @jeffbrown.breedmedia

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Copyrights for the images and photos regarding the Domintor Ilumen showed in this article:

exterior design : Alberto Mancini
interior design : Luca Catino
shipyard : Dominator Ilumen Shipyard
photos : Breedmediacreative – jeffbrown.breedmedia

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