Interview with Maria-Yoana Popova

Another interview with a talented 3d Artist who has created her own company called Loft Studio. Her name is Maria-Yoana and she’s from Bulgaria.



COUNTRY: Bulgaria

Denise (SOA): Hello Maria-Yoana, please introduce yourself to our readers.

Maria-Yoana: My name is Maria-Yoana Popova from Sofia, Bulgaria. I am the founder of LOFT Studio which is managing Interior Design Project for residential and public spaces. ArchViz is part of the foundation for a high quality project presentation. I started my journey way back in college while having my Architectural degree. Since then I never stopped. Learning is an everyday routine and the challenging mission to become better artists make good professionals.

Denise (SOA): We can only agree with you and as we always like to say: “Never stop learning”. Why did you decide to become an ArchViz Artist?

Maria-Yoana: When I started with ArchViz I saw opportunities to express all the creative taught I had. Sometimes it’s hard to make everyone believes in you and your ideas, but when it happens the satisfaction is complete. After few years working for other companies, I decided to make a big step and to create my own studio where I can implement ideas which I truly believe in. To represent my own concept and vision for design.

Denise (SOA): Congratulations for your big achievement then. Do you feel that a training with us helped you getting ahead?

Maria-Yoana: SOA was a big part of my growing, the Academy helped me to believe that I can manage my own projects and to be independent in my career. I am very thankful for the knowledge and the motivation they gave me.

Denise (SOA): What do you think about women in our industry? Do they get enough support as Artists?

Maria-Yoana: Women in ArchViz  are creative, motivated and diligent. They need support to develop and to feel more comfortable in this world full of male artists. Women are the gentle side of the industry. If they feel comfortable they can create amazing projects on high level.

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