Interview with Nestor Sarmiento

We’re glad to introduce the interview with Nestor Sarmiento, SOA students from the Masterclass#31.

Hi Nestor, could you present yourself to our readers and tell them the position you currently hold?

My name is Néstor Sarmiento. I’ve been working in the archviz industry for over 13 years. I’,m the artistic director in a company that I founded four years ago in Chile. We are a team of 17 artists doing images for the local real estate market.

Why have you decided to become an Arch-Viz Artist?

At university I studied architecture, and I could say that I fell in love with this discipline, but I realized that I like doing images rather designing architecture. I really enjoy learning new software and plugins for different applications.

You attended the Masterclass#31, how was your experience at SOA?

It was a great experience overall. I got the chance to get in touch with the experience of great professionals willing to show their knowledge. It was really good to share my point of view with people from all over the world and learn from their experience.

Why did you decide to attend a SOA course?

I was really interested in improving my skills, and thought of it like the best place for learning. It seemed like a great place for sharing knowledge, and one the best places in the world to attend. The duration of the course was quite suitable for me as well. It was surprising to see how similar are the personal experiences of people working in ArchViz.

How did the course help you improve your skillset and quality of images?

I consider that the most important thing I learned was regarding composition (or image planning) as a primordial aspect of images. Me and the other students got to learn a lot from the long time experience of our teachers at SOA.

Now you are working as an architecture photographer as well, how do you combine these two areas?

Photography has had always a very important place in my life, even before architecture. After so many years creating renders, I decided to step up to real photography. Ever since I’ve done several courses on the subject, and the background experience I gained from doing renders and what I learned in SOA has proven to be very valuable. As a photographer I get the chance to face real life situations in order to get the right light, or scenario, to get the image that I desire. It also gives me the chance to spend a lot of time outside the office and travelling a lot. And most important of all, I get to live the architecture, which I consider a thrilling experience.

SOA Academy is
one of the most beloved memories in my life, I’ll never forget the lessons and my fellow students.


Thank you for sharing your experience. We wish you the best in your career!

All images and photos are under Nestor Sarmiento copyright.

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