It’s a pleasure to introduce our new Corona Online Course as part of our strategy to offer both online and offline training under SoA Academy’s quality standards.

Have you ever wanted to master your workflow on Corona? Now is the time. This course, with the same structure and contents of our former Corona Course, will walk you through a solid workflow to achieve high-quality photorealistic images. Your Clients will be amazed by the quality of your future works.

The course is made up of both pre recorded videos and webinars. The former will cover the basics of the software while the latter are meant to go through the more advanced topics. You’ll have access to the pre recorded videos at any time and will be able to join our experienced teachers for the live webinars.

But the advantages of this course don’t stop here: you’ll be able to download a whole project to run your tests and practice with what you’ve learned during the lessons. A complete project with materials, textures, lightings, and vfx. And even once the course is finished, you will have access to your private area where you will be able to network  with previous students, share your artworks and even get questions answered by the staff.

At the end of the course, you’ll be officially recognized as a Corona Certified User, and in addition you will get a 10% discount on your next purchase of a one-year Corona license. And after completing the course, you can also access our final exam to get the qualification of Certified Instructor and boost your career. 

Don’t miss this great opportunity to master your workflow in Corona Renderer with the best training center in the industry. Next scheduled course starts on March 3rd, with another five batches during this first semester! Visit our course page to find out all topics included in the course, select the dates for your live webinars and book the course.

Your journey in the world of Corona Renderer with SOA Academy has just started.

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