September 20, 2017
Chaos Group is the main sponsor at SOA AcademyDay#8: VR Room and a special party are waiting for you!

Chaos Group is officially the main sponsor for SOA AcademyDay#8.

Thanks to their support, this year during the two-day event, the attendees will have the chance to visit the VR Room where they will meet Chaos Group’s Team who will be available to let everybody test the HTC Vive with some projects rendered with V-Ray. Therefore, thanks to Chaos Group, the AcademyDay not only will be the place to exchange views and get news on the CG world but also will let us test firsthand the latest technologies on the marketplace.

In addition, to celebrate Corona Renderer’s acquisition, our main sponsor Chaos Group will host a happy hour party at the AcademyDay#8 to all the attendees! It will be a special moment to share with you, more than 200 people, who have decided to pass 2 days with us.

The party will take place on Friday October 6th, 2017 from 8 pm at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel (the AcademyDay#8 venue).

So, the “pizza night” planned for friday night is cancelled.  We would invite all people who didn’t wanted to participate to the pizza night to drop us a line to tell whether they will take part to the party or not. Only people who confirm their presence will be able to participate to the party.

We only have 30 seats available for the AcademyDay. If you would like to get inspiration and also have fun with us, you still have time to book: book your seat here.

See you at the AcademyDay#8!

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