December 22, 2016
Here at Academy, we’ll remember 2016 for what it represented: a step into the future. A step that our industry requires us to take.

Here at Academy, we’ll remember 2016 for what it represented: a step into the future. A step that our industry requires us to take.

We are aware that it’s difficult to continuously pay attention and asses the changes that our job stores for us day by day. We made some choices that represent our vision on how the future artists will have to be trained to face these new challenges.For these reasons, for us 2016 has been a year of deep reflection, in which we studied hard to get ready for a new calendar full of novelties.

We spent many hours in class getting to know our students coming from all over the world, who had the chance to cut out their way in our world. We gave them our experience and our way of viewing the world. We met friendly people who gave us great moments. But, what keep making us proud are the outcomes that the guys achieve little by little with a strong perseverance. It’s always a nice surprise to admire their works in blogs and dedicated websites. Many of our guys are now making our industry; they are contributing to develop it by creating an amazingly bright future. In this, we played our role, without illusions or empty promises. Here, our guys have to understand that their success comes from their willingness to learn and improve their skills day by day.

We, as Artists who put their skills at the service of education, can teach the tools and share with the guys our vision on the ArchViz. We can guide them through a growth path which certainly doesn’t end when a course finishes. We owe them a debt of gratitude because our success has to be shared with each of them. The human resources are always a delicate matter: then, let’s imagine to consider it from the point of view of different cultures and approaches.

We listened to the guys, got to know their fears and faced their weaknesses and doubts, which they had been having for years. And, we solved them thanks to the love we have for our work and people; we gave them our knowledge and the awareness that we have increased over our working years. The SOA family is growing and this is the clear demonstration that our training works. So, all we can do is look at our future full of hope because we know that after spreading the knowledge, we’ll get back something extraordinary thanks to our guys.

2017 will bring many novelties at Academy: the first course with Corona Renderer, all courses with V-Ray will be updated to the latest version, the first course on Virtual Reality based on Unreal Engine, Substance by Allegorithmic and Quixel Megascans. All this is related to the future as we strongly believe that this has to be part of people’s technical and cultural awareness to let them become the main characters of this industry. Last but not least, the collaboration with external Artists will complete our calendar full of dates and innovations.

Here at SOA Academy, we look forward to next year, but as they say: let’s give it some time. Now, all of us need some time to rest with our families and dedicate some time to our passions. We need to charge our batteries to face another amazing year, which is only waiting for us. If you want to be one of us, we’ll be waiting for you with open arms to welcome you in our big family because in the end, WE are SOA Academy!

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and an amazing 2017!


A big hug

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