August 8, 2016
Let’s review the Masterclass#23, which has just finished.

We had the chance to work with a group of extraordinary people who in this month had one main goal that was to listen to us and improve their skills day by day. They worked on an architecture that at first glance may look simple called Zilvar House by the Architectural studio ASGK Design. The difficulty in this project was the image composition. The lines of the building are always complex from each point of view you consider them. Moreover, another challenge also comes when you have to imagine the same building in different contexts: beside the architecture, the guys had to make a huge creative endeavor.

With our Tutors’ guidance, the students created incredible images, which we are really proud of. The aptitude and interest for ArchViz, led the guys to realize that without working hard, they couldn’t achieve any result. This has always been our mantra in all courses: the students who have been here at the Academy know it perfectly. The only thing that really matters in this world is working hard to better yourself.

There are people who think that when they achieve just one result, they can slow down and in some way coast. Nothing can be more wrong than this: our guys realized that. Without working hard and without any inclination to look for a continuous personal exploration and willingness to try new thing, their life may be complicated. I’m sure that all of them deserve a praise for what they have made in this month but also for what they will do after the Academy. For sure, they won’t stop here.

Good luck for everything and hope to see you again here at Academy.


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