November 14, 2016
Our ArchViz Masterclass#25 at SOA Academy has just finished and once again our guys left an indelible mark in our history.

The images they made are the result of a new interpretation of the project called Vineyard House by Swatt Miers. It was really interesting to work with them because we had the chance to work on different topics and techniques that nowadays are becoming a standard in the Computer Graphics. All this has been translated in the images that we are proud to show you together with the faces of the protagonists that gave us such satisfaction.

Every participant deserves a round of applause: we put our passion and our will to teach them everything that could be useful to make a job of their passion; they gave us a tough work in return. It was nice to pass a month with you the guys and I’m sure that we’ll see many new beautiful images from each of you in the future.

We’ll be always here and if one day  you want to visit us again, SOA Academy will always be your home.

A big hug


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