May 29, 2017
Last Friday we finished the Masterclass#28 and before our eyes are still standing the good times passed with a group of guys and gals that filled our life for an entire month.

As always, the work has been tough and the outcomes that we can look at now are outstanding. Even if the group was working on the same project, the students created images very different one to the others. Indeed they put the same building in diverse contexts.

The dedication and passion that our students put in their works is very strong and praiseworthy. When this happens, our work make us proud and give us the motivation to go on in this direction.

It isn’t easy to pursue and convey beauty in everyday things as it requires a big committal. We often forget that to achieve our goals, we can’t put our efforts only when we need it or feel inspired. To achieve beauty means to make some sacrifices everyday. Only thanks to perseverance we can get good long-lasting stuff. It’s a big deal to take our guys’ dreams, hopes and fears but we know that it’s our duty, as teachers, to give them advice and reasons to face a future which is often hard to understand.

In the Masterclass#28 I found a group of people that I’m sure will continue working well because I saw in their eyes the will and the right attitude to make their mark in this world. Your images are the mirror of beauty that you were looking for in the last month and I’m sure that your research in this respect isn’t finishing now.

For me it has been a wondeful experience and with this short post, I’d like to embrace you ideally once again and tell you that you won’t be alone in this path because you’re a really special group. I wish you the best in life and of course, if you pass by, remember that Academy will always be your home.

See you soon,


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