July 3, 2017
ArchViz Masterclass#29, the last one before the summer holidays has finished. Here we present the 12 images on the Villa Platan project.

Our guys and gals have worked hard on the project called Villa Platan and now we’re happy to share with you their final images. We started by planning the shot to move on and jump on the study of the essential tools in production. After many class hours, tests and coffees we achieved a stunning set of images. the variety of the outcomes reflects their way of being, their talent and their origins. A great mixture that gave birth to an exciting month for all here at the Academy.

Another important fact is that in this Masterclass#29 we had the first student ever at the Academy coming from New Zealand. We will never thank her enough for sharing her culture and traditions (see traditional local dances).

It was a tough month, full of work and interesting conversations. it’s always sad when the guys leave the Academy and go home but within us we are aware that we showed them the way. Now it’s their task to follow it and create and extraordinary career. See you soon guys; it was a pleasure to meet you.

A hug,

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