October 3, 2017
Last week with many activities and tasks we fiished the Masterclass#30.

It was a pleasure to work with 12 amazing Italian guys who gave us many laughs and let us find a tight-knit group. We shared with them some difficult moments but also the joy of creating something extraordinary. The images that they thought and made reflect their dedication, which didn’t make us, the tutors, doubt about their skills and attitudes towards this job.

The Masterclass#30 not only was the right time to speak and learn how to do ArchViz, but also it became the time to taste some delicacies that the guys, Emanuele in particular, let us discover. In fact, many would agree in saying that this Masterclass has become a “Masterchef” in the end.

From my point of view I can only say that with these guys we has much fun and it was a pleasure to share so many good moments with such a great group. I think that the best way to sum up this class is through Luca’s words. He shared with us this beautiful message that moved me deeply:

You tricked me…all of you!!

A month ago I left with my load of expectation..I was looking for knowledge, professionalism and personal growth.

You tricked me!

You went far beyond with your kindness and likableness.

I was looking for professional but I also found traveling companions, friends and REAL persons!

Personally, I didn’t find a Masterclass but a FAMILY: this was my actual mood in this month!

In every greeting, in every hug, I held you tight, one by one, as if I wanted to give you a piece of my hearth each, as if I wanted to give you back at least a thousandth of what you gave me.

You are wonderful people and I thank God for meeting you and what you are!

You really tricked me!


Thanks a lot guys, it was an honor.

A big hug and hope to see you soon.


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