November 15, 2017
Also the Masterclass#31 is over. we’re now getting closer to the end of this 2017 and only few courses are left before a new year full with expectations.

But, before moving on in our journey in the ArchViz, let’s have a look at some moments of the Masterclass#31. The guys and gals coming from all over the world proved themselves at SOA Academy to improve their skills in order to make their works more competitive in the ArchViz market.

The students who embarked in this course had different educational and professional experiences and backgrounds. Some of them were really basic. But, although there were big gaps to fill, they managed to create captivating images and showed once again that with a correct workflow, dedication and passion one can achieve satisfying results.


While from the Earth we look at a distant world through our telescope, the images lead us to the space, on Venus and on doughnut-shaped Torus planet. Coming back down to the Earth, let’s venture into our woods where we meet a woodcutter and a cyclist returning home after a day out. Of course, we can’t miss a glass of wine to sip while looking at the sea from our house full of light and colors. And when the night falls and the last ray of sunshine lights us, we leave our car in the garden and enter our warm house on the lake.

Well guys, now it’s important for you to continue working to preserve and further increase your knowledge. And remember, never stop learning!

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