February 26, 2018
Last Friday we finished our first Masterclass#32 of the year with 12 great students.

Actually 8 of them were girls and this is a good signal for our industry and a record with reference to all courses we had here at Academy in the past.

Although the course was in Italian, we had another nice surprise: we met two Chinese girls who are studying in Italy and decided to attend our Masterclass. It was like having a small world in the world as they spoke one to the other in their mother language. It was fun to discover a culture so different from ours.

The work done for the final images in the Masterclass#32 focused on giving value to the architecture and photography. By giving value to the context of the project and working on the materials and composition, we got a good result that is in line with the current requests of the market.

Many of the students arrived at the Academy with a very small knowledge but despite the fear and the initial preoccupation, with our guidance and with their willingness to outdo themselves, they created something emotional. The same emotion that I wish they will be able to give to the people that will work with them in the future.

These 8 girls and 4 boys are ready to find a space in our industry and the determination and that dash of madness I saw in their eyes will lead them to success and to fulfil their dream to work on big projects. So, dear guys and gals ahead full! Be pirates of your life because the route has been plotted: now it’s your duty to follow it.

I wish you the best.
A hug,

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